Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld

Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld is a junior and joint concentrator in Philosophy and South Asian Studies, with an interest in the underlying moral frameworks of Buddhist and Hindu texts. An avid traveler, she spent the summer of 2013 teaching ethics classes to children in rural India.... Read more about Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld

Matthew Lochner

Matthew Lochner, a Cabot House junior studying Social Studies, considers himself a Kantian. He is interested in the intersections of philosophy, psychology, religion, and literature.... Read more about Matthew Lochner

Reed Silverman

Reed Silverman is a junior whose academic interests have spanned the social sciences and are currently focused on the fundamental questions of legal and political philosophy. Recent topics include the competing democratic values of accountability and participation, the effects of judicial review on equality and human rights, and the nature of law's validity.... Read more about Reed Silverman

Adam Spinosa

Adam Spinosa is a junior concentrating in Government, with primary interests in political philosophy, bioethics, the ethics of competition, and law. He studies the intersection of biological enhancement, competition, and democratic institutions, and draws primarily on virtue ethics to provide a perspective for resolving conflicts.... Read more about Adam Spinosa

Joy Wang

Joy Wang is a senior pursuing a joint concentration in Physics and Mathematics with a secondary field in Government. She is interested in the history of...

Read more about Joy Wang