For Academics and Professionals

Since its earliest days, when it was the Center for Ethics and the Professions, the Center has offered fellowships for academics and professionals working on projects related to practical ethics. Our goal is to give these individuals protected time to focus on research and writing without interruption. At the same time, we aim to build a community that fosters connections across academic disciplines and professions so that collaborations and insights from a variety of perspectives can enrich the fellows’ work.

Our Fellows-in-Residence (formerly known as Faculty Fellows, Senior Scholars, and Lab Fellows) receive funding from the Center to support their work for the length of the academic year. They have office space in the Center’s suite and are expected to spend the majority of their fellowship year in residence here. They meet each week for a seminar in which one member of the cohort presents their work and solicits feedback from the group and our affiliated faculty. The majority of Fellows-in-Residence work on topics related to our annual theme, although they do so from very different approaches. These Fellows form the nucleus of the Center community each year. 

Visiting Fellows come to the Center for terms that range from a few weeks to a full academic year, for the purpose of working on a pressing issue in ethics. These fellows bring their own funding, and while they are invited to participate in seminars and other activities, they are not required to do so. Visiting Fellows are usually able to access the Harvard libraries during their appointments, but are not given offices at the Center.

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Our current Fellows-in-Residence can be found here. Our current Visiting Fellows can be found here.