Justice, Health, and Democracy Impact Initiative

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Clear, accessible policy guidance. Designed for practitioner use. Responsive to local needs.

Public policy is at an inflection point. Existing policy is dated and out-of-step with society’s changing needs. Policy-making is often disconnected from the communities it is meant to serve.

We need to rethink how policy is made and who makes it. Our time calls for bringing the best expertise together with leaders working to bring change and improve lives on the ground.

A new, integrative policy-making model fit for our challenging times

With the Justice, Health and Democracy Impact Initiative (JHD) experts work directly with local leaders on practical approaches to the most challenging issues facing society. Our experts collaborate with leaders across jurisdictions and at all levels of government to ensure effective policy solutions for local implementation and national scale.

From enabling a safe in-person learning environment for all children to forging a more fair and responsive justice system to providing good jobs in a post-covid economy, the JHD brings policy solutions that both scale nationally and meet needs locally.

What’s more, the model uniquely recognizes that successful policy today must account for the intersection of social justice, health equity, and equitable opportunity as central to a thriving society.


Connecting the best expertise to local needs for adaptive policies that scale

Focused on addressing the practical needs of practitioners and their communities, the Justice, Health and Democracy Impact Initiative develops and widely disseminates policy guidance, technical advisory, implementation tools, and resources for practitioner use. Our policy solutions are designed to adapt locally and scale nationally, with disseminating partners across all levels of government, national associations, and local leader networks.

JHD partners Harvard Edmond & Lily Safra Center for Ethics, New America, and Brown University School of Public Health invite collaboration on research, policy, and dissemination. To connect with us, email info@jhdimpact.org.