Ethics Pedagogy Fellows

The Ethics Pedagogy Fellows contribute to the Edmond J. Safra Center’s efforts to support faculty in developing curricula for new ethics courses or in revising curricula for current ethics courses, especially (but not limited to) the Program in General Education’s new courses in “Ethics & Civics”. Pedagogy Fellows will also provide course development support to instructors across campus seeking to introduce ethics into their curricula or to revamp existing offerings. Christopher Robichaud, best known on campus for his pioneering work in simulation design, leads the Ethics Pedagogy Fellows as the Center’s first-ever Director of Pedagogical Innovation. In addition to these aims, Pedagogy Fellows will also research, develop, and curate instructional models and teaching resources for Teaching Fellows assigned to ethics-related courses.

We seek Fellows who are especially interested in supporting new course development in General Education and consulting with Teaching Fellows assigned to Ethics and Civics courses in particular. These Fellows will collaborate with the fellows assigned to support the Program in General Education. In addition, some Fellows serve as at-large consultants for faculty in the College and Professional Schools across the university who teach ethics courses outside the Program in General Education. Wherever possible, Ethics Pedagogy Fellows will be assigned to consult with faculty and teaching staff on courses and educational initiatives that align with their interests and experience.

Qualifications include a demonstrable commitment to high-quality college teaching, experience as a Teaching Fellow in one or more ethics courses offered at the university (or experience as a teaching assistant in an ethics course at another university), and a passion for pedagogical innovation. Experience teaching General Education courses is especially helpful. The fellowship lasts for the full academic year with a commitment of 10 hours/week for the duration of the fellowship. Pay is commensurate with the Teaching Fellow stipend for one course section per semester, fall and spring (the equivalent to .20 teaching rate).


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