Elinor Amit

Elinor Amit

Assistant Professor (Research) at Brown University, Department of Cognitive Linguistics and Psychological Sciences

Elinor Amit received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Tel Aviv University at 2009. During her fellowship year, Amit investigated the hypothesis that people...

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Rifat Azam

Adam received his LLD in Law from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2006) where he also received his LLM cum laude (2001) and LLB (1996). His innovative...

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Michael Blanding

Landing's work explores topics including corporate accountability, immigration, sexual abuse, and prison reform.

Eli Bukspan

Bukspan completed his Doctorate in Law at Harvard Law School. As a Network Fellow, Bukspan researched the issue of corporate directors' ethics and its...

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Mirko Draca

Draca studied for his PhD at University College London. His focus as a Network Fellow was to further research on lobbying in the U.S., including more work...

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Nancy Lubin

Lubin received her BA, Magna Cum Laude, from Harvard University; her PhD from Oxford University; studied at the Universities of Leningrad and Moscow (1974-...

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Michael Morisy

Morisy is the co-founder of MuckRock.com, a freedom of information tool that allows anyone to submit freedom of information requests without licking a stamp, suffering legalese or leaving their browser.... Read more about Michael Morisy