image of sigal ben-porath

Sigal Ben-Porath

Professor of Education, Philosophy, and Political Science, University of Pennsylvania
Sigal Ben-Porath earned her doctorate in political philosophy from Tel-Aviv university in 2000, after which she received two presidential fellowships and... Read more about Sigal Ben-Porath
Linda Eggert

Linda Eggert

Linda Eggert will receive her PhD in Political Theory from the University of Oxford in 2020. Her work bridges moral, political, and legal philosophy, and... Read more about Linda Eggert
Adam Hosein

Adam Hosein

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Northeastern University
Adam Hosein is an Associate Professor at Northeastern University. He works mainly in moral, political, and legal philosophy, with a special interest in... Read more about Adam Hosein
Mason Marks

Mason Marks

Assistant Professor of Law, Gonzaga University
Affiliated Fellow, Yale Law School's Information Society Project
Mason Marks is an Assistant Professor of Law at Gonzaga University and an Affiliated Fellow at Yale Law School’s Information Society Project. Prior to... Read more about Mason Marks
adrienne stang

Adrienne Stang

K-12 History and Social Studies Coordinator for Cambridge Public Schools

Adrienne Stang is the K-12 History and Social Studies Coordinator for the Cambridge Public Schools in Massachusetts. She facilitates the creation and...

Read more about Adrienne Stang