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Former Fellow, Richard W. Painter, with Laurence H. Tribe, Norman L. Eisen & Joshua Matz in The Atlantic on "Trump's Ethics Train Wreck"

January 18, 2017

Former Fellow, Richard W. Painter, Laurence H. Tribe, Norman L. Eisen, and Joshua Matz in The Atlantic today give a point-by-point rebuttal of Trump's lawyers' plans to address conflicts of interest: "The president-elect’s lawyers have explained why they don’t think he’ll violate the Constitution’s foreign emoluments clause—but their arguments fall apart under closer scrutiny."

Former Fellow, Susannah Rose, in JAMA Internal Medicine on Advocacy Organizations, Industry Funding, and Conflicts of Interest

January 17, 2017

In research just published in the January 17 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine, a team of researchers led by Cleveland Clinic Bioethicist Susannah Rose, Ph.D., found that 67 percent receive funding from for-profit companies, with 12 percent receiving over half of their funding from industry. Read full article here.


Letter from the Director

September 22, 2016 

Welcome to the 30th anniversary year of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics. A little more than thirty years ago, Harvard President Derek Bok sought to draw medical ethics, legal ethics, and business ethics closer to the world of philosophy. In 1986, the Center for Ethics and the Professions was born. Nurtured by its Founding Director, Dennis Thompson, it grew to embrace ethics and public affairs broadly. Read more

For the Record

December 7, 2016

‘For the Record’ is a new feature where our Fellows-in-Residence have a chance to present some research ideas informally, reflect on their experience at the Center, or report on Center events.

This month’s post is from Samuel Moyn, Jeremiah Smith Jr. Professor of Law and Professor of History at Harvard University. Professor Moyn has written several books in the fields of human rights history and European intellectual history including The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History. Prof. Moyn is a Berggruen Fellow-in-Residence at the Center this year. Read more

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