Cook v. McKee Reaches Agreement to Strengthen Rhode Island’s Civics Education

June 15, 2022

Former Fellow in Residence, Michael Rebell, has been engaged in settlement negotiations with the Rhode Island Commissioner of Education and other defendants in Cook v. McKee. The negotiations have led to an agreement with the Commissioner and the Rhode Island Department of Education. 

The following is a joint statement on Cook v. McKee from RIDE Commissioner Infante-Green, Cook et al, and Plaintiffs’ Counsel:

We are pleased to announce that both sides in the Cook v. McKee case have arrived at an agreement to strengthen Rhode Island’s civics education. Among other things, the Rhode Island Department of Education will establish a civics education task force that will include some of the student plaintiffs and their counsel and will advise and assist the state in better preparing its students to be involved, capable citizens of our democracy. As a result of this resolution the plaintiffs will not proceed with filing a petition for a review of the case by the U.S. Supreme Court.  All parties look forward to sharing the final details at a press event which will take place next Wednesday, June 15 in Providence.

Learn more about Cook v. Mckee and watch the press conference here.