Genevieve Pham-Kanter

Institutional Corruption and Public Health - Ending Institutional Corruption

"Conflicts of Interest in Medicine as a Health Policy Problem"
Genevieve Pham-Kanter, Assistant Professor of Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health, Drexel University

"Trends in the Use of Expedited Drug Review and Approval Designations at the FDA"
Aaron Kesselheim, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School/Brigham and Women's Hospital (not recorded)

Genevieve Pham-Kanter - The Effect of Physician Payment Disclosure Laws on Prescribing

Edmond J. Safra Lab Fellow Genevieve Pham-Kanter presented her paper, “The Effect of Physician Payment Disclosure Laws on Prescribing” (published in JAMA Internal Medicine) at the December 14 Lab seminar. The paper examines the effects of physician payment disclosure laws on physician prescribing habits and patient adherence to therapy, by comparing states which have enacted disclosure laws (Maine and West Virginia) to similar comparison states which have not enacted disclosure laws.

Doctors Pressured to Prescribe Brand Name Drugs

Edmond J. Safra Center Faculty Affiliate Eric G. Campbell (Professor, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital) and Lab Fellow Genevieve Pham-Kanter, along with co-authors Lisa I. Iezzoni and Christine Vogeli at Massachusetts General Hospital, have published a study in JAMA Internal Medicine looking at how frequently doctors prescribe brand name drugs at the request of their patients.