Announcing our Name Change: Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Ethics

May 19, 2022

It is our pleasure to announce that we are changing our name to honor the incredible generosity of our long-term benefactor, Mrs. Lily Safra.

As many of you know, Mrs. Lily Safra has been a constant friend of the Center. From the beginning, she recognized the importance of our mission, both at Harvard and beyond, and has encouraged its activities both financially and with her presence.

Mrs. Safra's late husband, Edmond J. Safra, for whom our Center has been named, was a prominent international banker and a dedicated philanthropist who supported a number of universities and charitable institutions in the US and around the world. Mrs. Safra shares her husband's deep commitment to caring for the less fortunate, and has supported projects related to education, science and medicine, religion, culture, and humanitarian relief in over 40 countries through the Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation. 

Mrs. Safra is a humanitarian who believes deeply in the centrality of ethics to human flourishing. Our work would not be possible without her support, and we are proud to honor her by adding her name to ours.

We will be rolling out the name change over the course of the summer and will have an official launch of our new name at the start of the fall semester.