Noah Delwiche

Noah Delwiche

Noah Delwiche is a senior in Mather House studying Philosophy. His academic interests include metaethics, the philosophy of religion, and classical rhetoric. Most recently, he has begun studying the art of spoken and written Latin after living in the Accademia Vivarium Novum in Rome two summers ago. He has just completed a year at the Accademia Vivarium Novum in Rome, where he undertook a fellowship in Classical Studies taught exclusively in Latin and Ancient Greek. Outside of the classroom, Noah is the Associate Managing Editor of The Harvard Crimson and worked in an artisanal bakery in his hometown of Catonsville, Maryland during high school. He is also a research partner at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studies, working with a fellow on investigating voluntary servitude in the Roman and early modern European worlds.

Noah received a 2016 Kissel Grant to research the effects of recent digital privacy laws in the European Union, focusing on the ramifications for newspapers and whether philosophers or researchers have come to understand differently the rights to be forgotten.

In 2017, financed by the Lester Kissel Grant in Practical Ethics, Noah is embarking on a senior thesis examining the philosophy of Margaret Cavendish and her unique approach to metaphysics, pursuing themes of materialism, panpsychism, and universal consciousness.

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