Meira Levinson

Meira Levinson

Co-Director, Graduate Fellowship Program
Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Levinson portrait 2019

Meira Levinson is a political theorist by training, was a middle school teacher by vocation, and is currently Professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her books--which include No Citizen Left Behind, Making Civics Count, Dilemmas of Educational Ethics, and Democratic Discord in Schools--all strive to be accessible and relevant not only to scholars but also to educators, policymakers, students, and parents. She similarly seeks to provide practice-relevant scholarly resources through,, and Instructional Moves, an on-line initiative to improve higher education pedagogy.

Levinson's current research focuses on constructing a field of educational ethics that is sufficiently rigorous and robust both to inform and be informed by educational practice, educational policy, and normative and social scientific scholarship. In line with this vision, Levinson looks forward to spending her fellowship year at the Center for Ethics completing a book manuscript about Theorizing Educational Ethics. She is particularly interested in working out the relationships among distributive justice, corrective ethics, and the construction of difference in educational settings, as well as in thinking through the relationship between educational ethics and the larger domains of both normative theory and public policy. She is also eager to learn from other fellows at the Center about intersections among educational ethics, bioethics, and the ethics of technological innovation. 

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