Brian Berkey head shot

Brian Berkey

Assistant Professor, Department of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, Wharton School of Business
Associated Faculty, Department of Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania

Brian Berkey is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and...

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Deb Chasman head shot

Deborah Chasman

Editor-in-Chief of Boston Review

Deborah Chasman is an editor with decades of experience in book and magazine publishing. A graduate of Harvard University, she is currently editor-in-...

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Turku Isiksel head shot

Turkuler Isiksel

James P. Shenton Assistant Professor of the Core Curriculum, Columbia University

Turkuler Isiksel is the James P. Shenton Assistant Professor of the Core Curriculum at Columbia University and teaches in the Department of Political...

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Gina Shouten head shot

Gina Schouten

Co-director, Fellows-in-Residence Program
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University

Gina Schouten received her PhD in 2013 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and prior to joining Harvard as Assistant Professor of Philosophy in 2016, occupied the same position for three years at Illinois State University. Her research interests include gender justice, educational justice, and political legitimacy. She has recently been working on projects concerning the legitimacy of political interventions to alter the gendered division of labor, in which she argues that progressive gender egalitarian political interventions can constitute legitimate exercises of political power. That work is developed in her book Liberalism, Neutrality, and the Gendered Division of Labor, (Oxford University Press, 2019). 

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