Elettra Bietti

Elettra Bietti

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Elettra Bietti is an SJD student at Harvard Law School and an Affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society. Her thesis focuses on information gatekeepers such as Facebook and Google. She is currently exploring these companies' moral and legal obligations towards individuals through a methodology drawn from political theory and public law, considering them as sites of contestation, in which new interests and forms of social organization demand for a reconfiguration of individual rights, entitlements, and obligations. Her current aim is to elaborate a set of deontological principles that would be acceptable to individuals, governments and information gatekeepers, and through these principles to devise practical solutions for addressing some current conundrums around the use of artificial intelligence, data privacy and gatekeeper regulation more generally. Prior to starting her doctorate, Elettra was a lawyer at a magic circle firm in London and Brussels, focusing on intellectual property disputes, EU and antitrust law. Recently she also worked for an LA-based company in film distribution and sales and volunteered for Privacy International in London. Elettra holds an LLB (Hons) degree from University College London, an LLM from Harvard Law School and a Diploma in IP Law and Practice from Oxford University. Elettra is qualified to practice law in New York, USA, and England and Wales, UK. Elettra Bietti is the Eugene P. Beard Graduate Fellow in Ethics.

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