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Integrity is Free

by Elizabeth Doty adapted from her article in strategy+business

When Lab Fellow Maryam Kouchaki, Harvard Business School Professor Francesca Gino and I came together in 2012 to collaborate, we wanted to understand the processes of making and keeping business commitments as an essential element of institutional integrity. In particular, we wanted to study the dynamics of “commitment drift,” (perceived systematic breakdowns in fulfilling a company’s most important commitments to its stakeholders).... Read more about Integrity is Free

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Legal Ambiguity and Organizational Noncompliance

The principal investigator of this project is Yuval Feldman. The focus of this research is to understand the psychological processes that mediate and moderate the effect of ambiguity in law on rule-following behaviors of individuals in organizations. Although recent research suggests that when people face ambiguity, they may be more likely to rely on their own self-interest to guide their behavior, either deliberately or unknowingly, this project will demonstrate that in an organizational context, the picture is more complex.... Read more about Legal Ambiguity and Organizational Noncompliance

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