Tommie Shelby's New Gen Ed Course Featured in the Harvard Gazette

September 5, 2019

Faculty Committee member Tommie Shelby's new Gen Ed course, Race and Justice, is featured in the Harvard Gazette today. Professor Shelby's course is representative of the exciting and innovative new offerings in Gen Ed that are distributed across four categories: Aesthetics and Culture; Ethics and Civics; Histories, Societies, Individuals; and Science and Technology in Society.

Since 2017, we have had the immense pleasure of collaborating with the Program in General Education to help design some of the new Ethics and Civics courses though our Ethics Pedagogy Fellowship (EPF) Program . Three EPFs--Ronni Gura Sadovsky, Andrew Westover, and Rachael Goodyer--have been directly involved in helping develop the Race and Justice course with Prof. Shelby.