Time Magazine recognized Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics alum, Rohan Pavuluri ’18, to its 2021 list of the next 100 most influential people in the world!

February 17, 2021

Rohan founded Upsolve, a legal tech nonprofit, in 2016 while studying ethics with Professor Applbaum through the EJSCE Undergraduate Fellowship program.

As a sophomore, Rohan researched how our ethical and legal norms are rarely met in many areas of poverty law. He found that people who can’t afford lawyers often cannot access their rights because legal forms are too complicated. Convinced that the price of a lawyer is akin to a modern day poll tax, preventing the exercising of one’s rights, Rohan set out to help low-income people file for bankruptcy for free. To date, Upsolve has helped wipe away more than $300 million of debt with its self-service app.

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