DJD Workshop

Diversity, Justice, and Democracy Research Workshop
Organizers: Danielle Allen and Rohini Somanathan
Sponsor: This workshop and edited volume are made possible by a grant from the Ford Foundation.

The Center will host a three-stage workshop on the subject of diversity, justice, and democracy with the goal of producing an intellectually coherent and paradigm-changing edited volume. The goal of the workshop will be to produce an answer to the question of how to achieve fair and just forms of democratic life in conditions of significant demographic diversity. Importantly, pursuing answers to this question requires uniting normative and positive forms of expertise, through multi-disciplinary partnership.

The Diversity, Justice, and Democracy Workshop includes a group of 12 scholars (listed below) who will work collaboratively to produce the edited volume. Workshop participants work in some way or another on questions pertaining to demographic diversity, democratic politics, and the justice of various kinds of allocation (resources, opportunity, political power, etc.). Participants represent a wide range of disciplines, an array of specific topical areas of focus, and expertise in quite different kinds of methodology. Their expertise spans the normative and the positive domains of the social sciences and humanities. Participants will either pursue individually authored chapter-length essays or will work together in teams on a single chapter. The workshop group will meet to review final versions of papers and to discuss the collective learnings that should be harvested from the DJD work and discussions. Participants were asked to choose topics that would permit them: (1) to clarify our normative and ethical ideals; (2) to develop new approaches to the positive study of questions under discussion; or (3) to work on projects that bring out the intersection of the normative and the positive.

DJD Workshop participants
Danielle Allen
Mahzarin Banaji
Heather Gerken
Calvin Lai
Claudio López-Guerra
Urs Lindner
Glenn Loury
Melvin Rogers
Rajiv Sethi
Rohini Somanathan
Ajume Wingo
Ellen Wu