Infection Prevention and Control in Schools

COVID Collaborative, Harvard's Edmond J. Safra Center, Brown School of Public Health, and New America launched a task force to support schools and districts in implementing CDC guidance and getting students and staff safely back for in-person learning. Read the press release here.

The resources below were published by the Infection Prevention and Control in Schools task force. They include a “Roadmap to Healthy Schools,” a practical guide to school-based infection control, produced by members of the task force; a consensus statement on the latest CDC guidance, issued by leading scientists convened by the task force’s organizers; and a use of funds advisory memo for how states might allocate resources toward infection prevention and control, developed by the task force’s organizers.


Picture of a girl with light brown skin and a mask at a school desk with the text of the report at the top                                                   

Roadmap to Healthy Schools

The Roadmap to Healthy Schools is a practical guide to infection prevention and control at the school level. It includes useful case studies of promising practices from schools and districts that have had success with resuming in-person instruction, as well as tools and recommendations that can be used to replicate some of those practices in each unique context.

Click the image to download the report.


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Scientific Consensus Statement

This consensus statement, issued by a group of leading scientists, builds on the CDC guidance and provides evidence to reinforce the effectiveness of layered infection prevention and control measures inside schools. Click the document to download the statement.


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Use of Funds Advisory Memo

The Use of Funds Advisory Memo outlines ways in which states can support LEAs in making strategic use of authorized funds in helping to ensure that schools are equipped to keep their students and staff healthy and safe. Click the document to download the memo.


Danielle Allen, chair of the Infection Prevention and Control and Schools task force, shares about the work that the task force has done over the past few months to support leaders at the state, local, and school level in safely and sustainably reopening schools for in-person learning.