2014-2015 Seminars

Lawrence Lessig
Setting the Framework for the Study of Institutional Corruption

Carla Miller and William English
Government Ethics: Past, Present and Future

Genevieve Pham-Kanter
Conflicts of Interest as a Health Policy Problem: Industry Ties and Bias in Drug Approval

Frank Dobbin
Institutional Corruption in Corporate America: Toward An Evidence-Based Approach to Promoting Equity

Michael Flaherman, Dana Gold and Barbara Redman
How Regulatory Systems Can Hinder or Harness the Power of Whistleblowers to Address Institutional Corruption 

Richard Painter
Taxation Only With Representation: The Conservative Conscience and Campaign Finance Reform

Scott Methe
The Ethical Imperative of Evidence-Based Assessment Practices to Prevent the Corruption of American Public Schools

Israel Finkelshtain
Choice of Environmental Regulation in the Presence of Political Influence

Wallace Roberts and Prachi Sanghavi

Competing Strategies of Pre-hospital Care in the U.S.: Alternative Life Support Treatment and Basic Life Support Treatment; An Investigation of Institutional Corruption in the Regulation of the U.S. Nursing Home Industry

Marcia Hams, Susannah Rose and Wells Wilkinson
Measuring the Perceived Effectiveness of Conflict-of-Interest Policies at Academic Medical Schools and Teaching Policies

Thomas Groll and Sebastian Jones
Informational Lobbying and Industry Behavior

Christopher Robertson
Remedies for Institutional Corruption: Disclosures, Blinding, and Criminal Prosecution

Avlana Eisenberg
Incarceration Incentives in the Decarceration Era

Ann-Chrisin Posten and Elinor Amit
The Social-Cognitive Side of Corruption: How Our Mental Life Relates to Corruption

Brooke Williams
A Nationwide Examination of Federal Prosecutorial Misconduct and Accountability

Julia Lee, Francesca Gino and Bidhan Parmar
Communicating Ethics in Organizations

Samuel Loewenberg
Broken Promise: Investigating the Political and Institutional Barriers to Reforming Foreign Aid

Norm Alster
The FCC and its Network of Corruption

Andromachi Athanasopoulou
Coping with Moral Dilemmas at Work: Managers, Business School Academics, and Other Key Influences in Managers' Decision-Making and Ethical Leadership Development

Sunita Sah
Effective Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest

James Greiner
Consumer Debt Collection Litigation Before, During and After: What's Going On, And How to Fix It

Jennifer Miller
Governance and Transparency in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Could an Ethics and Global Health Rating Help?