2012-2013 Seminars

Lawrence Lessig
Setting the Framework for Institutional Corruption

Sheila Kaplan
The Economy of Influence Shaping the Environment and Public Health: Documenting IC at the EPA

William English
The Architecture of Public Trust in Politics, Finance, and Medicine

Donald Light
The Pharmaceutical Industry, Institutional Corruption, and an Epidemic of Harms

Yuval Feldman
Perception of Legality, Dual-Process Reasoning, and Ethical Decision-Making

Maryam Kouchaki
Professions, Professionals, and Morality

Jennifer Miller
Ethical Standards in the Pharma Industry? Industry Perspectives & Strategies for Trustworthy Reform

Brooke Williams
Corporate Agendas, Think Tanks, and the Shaping of Public Policy

Gregg Fields
After the Fall: How Institutional Corruption Thwarts Post-Crisis Financial Reform

Dan Newman
Revealing Money's Influence on U.S. Politics

Paul Jorgensen
Campaign Finance: Improved Data and New Research

Dan Carpenter
Technology as an Incomplete Tool for Managing Conflict-of-Interest Dynamics in Medicine

Jay Youngdahl
IC in the Relationship Between Pension and Benefit Fund Trustees and their Investment Advisors

Oguzhan Dincer
Lobbying, Corruption and Growth in American States

Marc Rodwin
Clinical Research and Medical Knowledge

Kim Pernell-Gallagher
Institutional Corruption and Banking Regulation

Christopher Robertson
Blinding as a Solution to Institutional Corruption

Lisa Cosgrove and Robert Whitaker
Psychiatry Under the Influence: A Case Study of Institutional Corruption

Ken Silverstein
Pay-to-Play Think Tanks: Donor Perks and the Industry of Ideas